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Winner, ASEAN Energy Award

Green Innovator of the year 2012

.. "Besides green designs, green building technologies are equally crucial in enhancing the environmental performance of a building. During his career as a mechanical engineer, Er. Tay Cher Seng has been promoting the idea of recovering waste heat to generate hot water. The result was a zero-energy hot water system which gained widespread adoption and is today saving around 27.5 giga-watt-hour per year locally, translating to cost savings of about S$7.5 million. In 2011, this innovative heat recovery system won him the ASEAN Energy Awards. Another breakthrough project that Mr Tay embarked on, among others, was a Passive Displacement Ventilation (PDV) system which moves cooled-air in a room, without the use of energy. With these notable achievements under his belt, Mr Tay stood out from among the other nominees to win the title of Green Innovator of the Year 2012." ..

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