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Natflow Featured at BEX Asia 2018

Natflow Pte Ltd participated in BEX Asia 2018 to exhibit their passive displacement cooling (PDC) system.

Throughout the 3 days of exhibition, the team showcased the passive displacement cooling system with an integrated cabinet within a simulated room. The room, with aid from a smoke machine, helped visitors to visualize air movement in the room.

In addition, Natflow also showcased their heat recover system, highlighting the success story together with Changi General Hospital (CGH). A survey was conducted in 2017 and found that although the system was implemented in 2002, CGH was still the most energy-efficient system after more than 15 years of service.

Natflow would like to thank BEX Asia for providing a platform to showcase it's system to a wider audience. 

Natflow's Booth at D21


Natflow's crew at the exhibition


Natflow's demonstration for passive displacement cooling system integrated with cabinet

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